JAPAN TIME: Jan / 20 / 2020 04:27 AM (JST)


Campaign contents

Purchase cars through TCV( https://www.tc-v.com/ ) and if the funds reflected before 31st March 2019(Japan standard time 23:59) We will cash back the CNF amount to 10 lucky people by lottery.


  • ・No limit for importing countries unless car importation prohibited in your country.
  • ・If you purchase several cars during the said period, you might get cach back for several cars.
  • ・Cash back up limit is US$50,000 per a car.
  • ・Lucky 10 people will be chosen by Lottery, not first 10 Buyers.
  • ・Only applicable for the purchased cars which funds arrived before 31st March 2019 (Japan standard time 23:59).
  • ・We will contact the lucky 10 person by E-mail etc.
  • ・Winners announcement will not be announced at TCV (https://www.tc-v.com/).
  • ・We will not attend any inquiries regarding this campaign by E-mails or Phone calls. Please be guided that we will not reply to any E-mail Phone calls regarding this campaign.
  • ・The content of this campaign is subject to change without notice.
  • ・This Campaign is sponsored by ZIGExN Co.,Ltd.(TCV). Please note that Sellers have nothing to do with this campaign.
  • ・We will not bear any tax payment for your car purchase.
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