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Honda Civic best price used cars for sale in United States.|Negro

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Honda Civic

First debut of Honda Civic as a compact car was in September 1972. History of Civic has already been more than 25 years. Basic body shape is 3-door hatchback, but in 1979 the body became bigger by its first full model change, and in 1980, its sister 4-door car Ballade was manufactured. After that came the famous light weight sports car, Ballade Sports CR-X. Around the same time, wagon body type Country was also released for sale, the former car of Shuttle. The next model of Civic, which was released for sale in 1983, was called Wonder Civic. Wonder Civic was very popular with its straight-line shaped design. Present Civic was released for sale in September 1995, and had its minor change in September 1998. 4-door Civic is now called Civic ferio as the individual series.

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