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Mitsubishi Pajero iO best price used cars for sale in United States.|Plateado

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Mitsubishi Pajero iO

Pajero iO was released for sale in June 1998, as an off-road 4WD with the light sensation, for the city riders. As Mitsubishi, as their main field was RV, it entered to the market later after the cars of the same genre such as Escudo, RAV4 and CR-V were released. Among the Mitsubishi car line-ups, the position of this car is the successor model for Pajero Jr.The 4WD system Pajero iO has is called the Super Select 4WD-i, and it is rather the developed type of the 4WD system for Pajero Mini. Pajero iO is popular from a wide range users including women, by limiting the engine only for 1800 GDI gasoline type. Of all off –road cars, it became the best selling car.

User reviews on Mitsubishi Pajero iO

  • 1.0

    The car has problem with smoking and jerking when starting it

  • 5.0

    I bought the previous car as a new car, but I liked it because it was very easy to ride. By the way, although the car model is Pajeroio, I bought it when my wife before dating was single, then took the first ride on my first date, got married, gave birth, and the number of families increased. I think it's a good size for a single woman to ride, and even with a family of five, we loaded a lot of luggage, and children loved it. It was easy to drive due to the high car height, it was not too big, and it was good for small turns, so it worked well for my commuting. It's a real pity that this car isn't on sale right now, and I wish I had a seven-seater for this car. I had been riding for 18 years, so when I parted, I took a commemorative photo with my family and wept.

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