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Toyota Supra best price used cars for sale in United States.|Plateado

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Toyota Supra

Present Supra, which was released for sale in May 1993, is the second generation of its model. Drivers can enjoy the steering of the car in high performance. Its body type is 2+2 coupe. With its dynamic low body style, Supra acquires the down-force both at front and back of its body, stabilizing its drive. Supra has the engine of straight-six engine BEAMS, which can be chosen between natural aspiration and twin turbo. The transmission can be chosen from 3 types; 6-speed MT, which was invented in cooperation with a German company Getrag Corporate Group, 5-speed MT or 4-speed AT. Among the ATs, Supra is equipped with steermatic for ECT-iE in RZ-S types, which enables drivers to change shifts buy buttons on the steering wheel. Supra has a unique 5 eye meter and an analog clock for the interior. These interiors create the atmosphere of cockpit that all sports cars have. There were a few times of renewals around the foot functions, making the rigidity of connecting part of the suspension higher and the steering better, by tuning small changes in shock absorbs and bushes. Spoilers, Recaro seats and Bilstein dumpers are equipped on Supra, depending on its grade, enhancing its performance in driving. For safety management, Supra not only adopts collision safety body “GOA”, ABS, and Dual SRS Airbag, but also supports front and center pillar part to avoid the body shape to be distorted, in case of collision from the sides. 

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  • 5.0

    Finally have my dream car. Thank you Samurai B!

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