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Nissan Stagea

Stagea is a luxury station wagon, which adopted the same chassis as Skyline and Laurel. The name of the car was derived from coined word, which was originated from putting A from a word “advance” at the end of “stage”. It has been almost 20 years since the first generation model was released for sale in August 1996. By taking advantages of the angular style in design and the size of a luxury class vehicle, it was built to have superior luggage capacity and usability of the room. The genuine usability, such as reclinable rear seat from behind with opening rear hatch, is clear to show that pursuing the genuine usability has been deeply considered. It is the most popular vehicle among the station wagon of this class, because of its cool design and comfortable driving performance with 2500cc DOHC turbo engine.

User reviews on Nissan Stagea

  • 2.0
    New Zealand

    This car should not have been passed The per inspection as full of rust

  • 5.0

    Good car in general.

  • 4.0
    United Kingdom

    The Stagea I bought is actually a great car to own and drive. Its the fuel consumption. Its of its era.

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