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Nissan Dualis 2007 best price used cars for sale in United States.

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Nissan Dualis

Dualis is a compact SUV, manufactured in England and is imported to Japan. In Europe, it is sold under the name of Qashqai. As is called compact SUV, its body length is 4315mm, but its body width is 1780mm, which is quite wide for a Japanese car. However, it still makes sense, as Dualis's main target is European market. Dualis has the grill, which is in common for all Nissan SUV cars manufactured in Europe. The whole body is designed to represent the strength. By having a side blind monitor, Dualis no longer needs its side under mirror. Interior designs have sporty tastes, and a big sun roof (equipped for high grades) assures an improved spaciousness. It adopts 2 liter series 4-cylinder engine type MR20DE, which its performance is 101kW(137ps)/200Nm. Dualis can be chosen either from 2WD or 4WD, but both will come with electronic CVT-M6 with 6-speed MT. 4WD system adopts all mode 4 by 4 electric control coupling. Depending on the situation, it can be switched to 2WD, Auto, or Lock mode. With Auto mode, the torque will be automatically controlled from FF 100:0 into 50:50. For safety management, Electronic Stability Control (VDC) can be equipped optional. For a better convenience, HDD navigation system with car wings function is optional, and an intelligent key system are equipped as a basic function for high grades.

User reviews on Nissan Dualis

  • 4.0

    Though I am still to discover issues if any, just observed that the suspension was not in good shape

  • 5.0

    I have never used Nissan Dualis before, So I can't say much now, but I think is a good car.

  • 5.0

    The Nissan Dualis is in good condition. I'm happy. Thank you very much

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