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Nissan Skyline Coupe best price used cars for sale in United States.

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Nissan is the second largest car manufacturer in Japan after Toyota, but they are competing against Honda for the second place when including number of units sold for mini vehicles. When Nissan fell into financial crisis, they were financed by a French car manufacturer Renault, which made Nissan a European manufacturer. Nissan manufactures wide variation of models; from a hatchback March to a luxury car Fuga, SUVs, mini vans, sports cars such as GT-R, offering full-line up of passenger cars. Concerning of mini vehicles, which Nissan does not manufacture by itself, they add to their sales line-up by getting OEM from Suzuki and Mitsubishi. Since the establishment of the company, Nissan is known as “Technology of Nissan” for its high technology in sports-car making. Currently, Nissan also manufactures next generation powertrains, such as Electric Vehicles, hybrid cars, cars with direct-injection engine, and clean diesel cars, corresponding to wider range of vehicles. Nissan is a car manufacturer, which is on a level with that of the national leading car manufacturer Toyota. Nissan's catchphrase is “SHIFT the way you move”.

User reviews on Nissan Skyline Coupe

  • 3.0

    I was looking for a car with a large displacement in a coupe and I was confused with Fairlady Z, but I decided immediately because the skyline was sold cheaply at a dealer that I could go from home.

  • 4.0

    Since this used car is my first car in 15 years, I would like to write about your impressions of this purchase. First of all, the exterior and interior are beautiful and new cars for customers? I was mistaken for. If you look closely, there are small scratches. Since I heard that the former user was a woman, I was satisfied that there was no unpleasant smell left in the interior. Perhaps the usage of the former user was also polite, it seems that it is really an extension from the new car and there are no problems. However, since it is a car that has been aged for a while, the plastic parts of the interior and exterior were broken or broken during normal use due to deterioration over time. I think this is unavoidable, but I'm satisfied with other areas, so it's not negative. In terms of price, it is a car with smart assist, and this price is relatively low, and I am very satisfied overall.

  • 4.0

    From Kanto to Kyushu, outside of snowy regions, I searched and called Wakayama City and Ehime Prefecture, and went to see it at a private store in Wakayama City, but it seems that the defective parts such as mirrors and batteries are not repaired, tires The exchange cost more than 100,000 yen, so it was canceled. I was told that the shop this time would come to see me once, so I went to see it on the Shinkansen for two and a half hours. It was a very pleasant person and I got a discount over the train fare and it was a prompt decision contract.

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