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Daimon Co., Ltd. specializing in used vehicles originating from Japan, purchased directly from Japanese car auctions and dealers.Given our large network of buyers and business partnerships across Japan, we are uniquely able to provide our customers:• The most innovative and in-demand vehicles available, at the best market prices.• Fast and efficient handling of the various processes required for the arrival of vehicles at the port of entry.Our Carefully Managed Process• Vehicles are transported from their point of origin, to our selected yard via truck, and are fully insured in order to cover any potential flaws or damage that might be incurred by accident.Daimon Co., Ltd. provides all the necessary documents required for clients to import their cars into the desired final destination.• With Daimon Co., Ltd., purchasing your vehicles from anywhere in the world becomes a clear, fast and fully guaranteed process.

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NO 1997 Toyota Hiace Commuter

Nov / 16 / 2022 (JST)
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The inspection certificate has wrong details. The has has not been cleared at the boarder. Im still waiting for the correct document to be sent. The final destination of the vehicle is zambia, not Tanzania