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Nissan Skyline best price used cars for sale

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Nissan Skyline

The continuous history of Skyline has begun since 1957. As it can be seen on its past models such as Skyline sports in Michelotti's design, introduced on 1962, and GT-R, established a big success in motor sports, it is clear to say that there are many models that have been known as one of great cars in history. Current model was released for sales in May 1998. It has deeply inherited the sportiness, which has also been one of the big sales point of past models. This 3rd generation GT-R model, after its resurrection, stands up to other famous sports cars on performance level. Thus, it is clear to be said that the history of Skyline would be handed down forever.

User reviews on Nissan Skyline

  • 5.0

    During the winter season before I purchased it, it snowed heavily, so I couldn't drive on a snowy road with my previous car. With that in mind, even a sedan is a 4WD, so I made it a car that can run safely in winter.

  • 5.0

    I've always wanted to ride the skyline. This time, while searching, I found one that looked good, had a short mileage, and had the best price, so I made a quick decision!

  • 5.0

    When I switched from the previous Primera, I wanted to ride the skyline, but the price of the new car is out of budget, I thought it was a used car and searched on the net, I went to see a dealer nearby, but the extent of the car is Although it was good, it was excluded from the target because it was black in color, and when I searched further on the net, I found a car that happened to be this. The degree was good, so I decided.

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