Thorough Description of the Toyota Belta

Platz Fully Remodeled, Now Under the Belta Name

The Platz, a compact four-door sedan based on the Vitz, has undergone a full model change and now goes by the new name of Berta. The name "Berta" means "beautiful" or "beautiful person" in Italian. Basically, it has the same setup as the previous generation Platz, with 1-liter and 1.3-liter engines. However, while the previous generation Platz was designed to thoroughly reduce costs, the Belta is designed to incorporate a sense of quality in every aspect.

This improvement in the quality of the compact car is the result of requests from the relatively older generation. The 1.3-liter model is available in two grades, the basic X and the advanced G. The 1-liter model is only available in the X grade. The 1.3-liter model is available in FWD or full-time 4WD, with 4WD available only for the 1.3-liter model, and the sporty S package is also available for the X.

An advanced body with plenty of volume

The body measures 4300 mm in length, 1690 mm in width, and 1460 mm in height. Compared to its predecessor, the Platz, the body was slightly larger. The overall length was extended by 155mm, but the wheelbase was reduced by 170mm, and the total front and rear overhangs were shortened by a mere 15mm.

The basic design of the short nose and high deck is the same as that of the Platz, but each panel is more voluminous, giving the car a much higher quality feel compared to the Platz, which was overall a very flat car. The front part in particular has a solidly raised hood with a continuous grille. On the outside of the grille, there is a continuous line that goes all the way down to the bumper, reminiscent of Audi's one-frame grille, and is placed as if it were a double V. This gives the car a powerful appearance. The headlights are not mounted at the tip of the nose, but rather at a much receding point. The headlights are not mounted at the tip of the nose, but rather at a point far back, giving the impression that the tip of the nose has been stretched forward.

The exterior photos used in this page are of the sporty S package, which is available for the X. The S package includes a spoiler cover on the front, air spats on the sides, and a spoiler with high-mounted stop lamps on the rear. The S package comes with a spoiler cover on the front, air spats on the sides, and a spoiler with high mount stop lights on the rear. The S package comes with spoiler covers on the front, air spats on the sides, and a spoiler with high-mounted stop lamps on the rear. 14-inch and 15-inch wheels are available, each with steel and plastic full caps or aluminum.

A sedan-like calmness with the best of the Vitz

The most prominent part of the instrument panel is the V-shaped center console with a silver panel. The design that draws the eye to the center section is similar to that of its sibling, the Vitz, but while the Vitz is slender and divided into two sections, the Belta has a much larger area, and even the air conditioning vents above are integrated into the design.

The dash panel has a gently wavy top panel that runs back and forth. The air conditioner vents are round on the left and right and square in the center. The round vents on the left and right sides are arranged as if they were raised, which also serves as a design accent.

The lower part of the instrument panel has a unique three-dimensional design that wraps around the upper part of the panel and spreads out from side to side. The gauges are mounted in the center of the top panel on both sides. The meter covers are gently curved and blend naturally into the design of the top panel.

Spacious interior that can comfortably accommodate four adults

With a generous wheelbase of 2550mm, the interior is spacious. The front and rear hip points have a pitch of 905mm. The 2WD model has a flat floor to further improve the interior comfort.

The front seats have a rounded design, but with the ability to hold the body firmly in place. The driver's seat is equipped with a seat lifter and tilt steering wheel to provide the best driving position. In addition, the seatbacks have a thin design to increase the space for the rear seat passengers.

475-liter trunk and ample pockets

Despite the short overhangs, the trunk rule has a capacity of 475 liters. The opening width is 1130mm, the interior width is 1435mm, and the depth is 960mm. Only the 1.3G has a 6:4 split trunk through mechanism.

There are plenty of pockets. Especially for the Belta, a console box with a lid, which was not used in the Platz, is newly adopted for the 2WD model. This feature, which is not normally available on compact models, is said to have improved the luxurious feel of the cabin.

The glove box and cup holders on both sides of the dashboard are equipped with dampers. The glove box and cup holders on the left and right sides of the dashboard are equipped with dampers that move slowly when deployed, again creating a sense of luxury.

1.0 and 1.3 liter engines available like the Vitz

Like the Vitz, three engines are available: a 72-horsepower 1.0-liter engine and two 87-horsepower 1.3-liter engines (different models for FF and 4WD). The 2WD model has a CVT transmission, while the full-time 4WD model has a 4-speed AT transmission. 75% reduction in 2005 emission standards has been achieved for the 2WD model, and 50% reduction for the 4WD model. All models meet the 2010 fuel economy standards, with the 2WD model achieving a 5% increase.

The front suspension is a strut type with L-shaped lower arms. The stabilizer is not attached to the lower arm but directly to the strut via a link that extends upward to ensure high roll rigidity. The rear adopts the torsion beam type. The shock absorbers and springs are separate to improve the space efficiency of the rear seats and trunk compartment.

Dual airbags are standard for the front seats, and side and curtain airbags are optional. The body is equipped with the GOA collision safety body. Crash tests were conducted on the Celsior at 55km/h in three directions: front and rear, 50% offset, and side. The hood and front bumper are also designed to protect pedestrians.

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