Thorough Description of the Mazda Demio

A New Mazda Zoom-Zoom Begins with the All-New Demio

Mazda's compact car, the Demio, has undergone a full model change. The first generation Demio was launched in 1996. Based on the concept of a ""free-form wagon,"" the Demio sold more than 470,000 units in total, setting a new standard in the compact car market at the time. It was followed by the second generation model under the Zoom-Zoom brand message, and it became Mazda's new generation product line.

The all-new Demio, now in its third generation, is the first of Mazda's new ""Sustainable Zoom-Zoom"" models. The Demio is a strategic vehicle that harmonizes driving pleasure with environmental and safety features, and is positioned as a driving force for Mazda's further growth in the global compact car market. This model will be the beginning of Mazda's second generation Zoom-Zoom.

All-new Demio with a new concept and 100 kg weight reduction

The all-new Demio has been completely redesigned. The all-new Demio has been completely redesigned, shedding the space wagon concept of the first and second generations in pursuit of the economic efficiency and ease of use that customers really want in a compact car. In order to achieve the basic functions of a car, such as driving, turning, and stopping, as well as the economic and environmental benefits represented by fuel efficiency, the greatest focus was placed on weight reduction. Using the know-how accumulated through the development of the Roadster and RX-8, we succeeded in reducing the weight by 100 kg compared to the previous model while improving safety performance. The lightweight and compact body, powertrain and improved aerodynamics have resulted in class-leading fuel economy and nimble driving performance. The body dimensions are 3885 mm (length) x 1695 mm (width) x 1475 mm (height), 40 mm shorter in length and 55 mm lower in height than the previous model, resulting in both easy handling and a stylish form.

The new Demio's exterior design is ""fun to look at. The all-new Demio's exterior design was based on the theme of ""coordinated movement."" The combination of form, line and light creates a dynamic and versatile look that makes the car seem to start running even when it is standing still. A unique character line that combines softness and sharpness has been added to the form that evokes a sense of forward motion, creating an exterior with a smooth and rhythmic feel. The surface of the body has a sense of volume and angle controlled to show a variety of ""light textures"" and ""expressions"" depending on the reflected light.

The interior was also designed with the concept of ""movement"". The solid, thick, and dynamic three-dimensional form expresses a texture that is distinctly different from conventional compact cars, which are often flat. The instrument panel, which is divided into upper and lower sections and moves outward from the center, creates an interior space that is tight but visually expansive. In addition, the use of high-contrast color coordination creates a sporty, unique taste and fun atmosphere, while the use of circular-based detail design creates a fresh and lovable atmosphere.

SPORT, a straightforward expression of sportiness

The SPORT features a specially designed front grille, a large trapezoidal lower grille, a front aero bumper with fog lamps, and side underspoilers that create a stable silhouette. The rear roof spoiler emphasizes the sporty feel of the rear view. For the feet, the SPORT-exclusive 16-inch alloy wheels with expressive surface structure and sharp 10-spoke design reinforce the sporty and nimble impression.

The interior is color-coordinated with a black base color that heightens the anticipation for driving the moment the driver opens the door, and comes with SPORT-exclusive sporty black seats, fearless and highly visible blackout meters, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a leather-wrapped shift knob (5-speed manual transmission model) as standard equipment. In addition, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a leather-wrapped shift knob (five-speed manual transmission models) are standard equipment, creating a sporty interior taste.

Mazda's first CVT

The all-new Demio lineup includes Mazda's first model with a CVT. The 13C-V, equipped with the newly developed naturally aspirated MZR 1.3-liter Miller cycle engine, achieves a class-leading 10-15 mode fuel economy of 23.0km/L when combined with the CVT.

The CVT available on the SPORT model is a 7-speed transmission that allows instant upshifting and downshifting with the touch of the steering wheel. 20.0km/L of fuel economy is also achieved for the SPORT and 15C CVT models.

The SPORT and 15C CVT models also achieve 20.0km/L of fuel economy, and all models have been certified as having 75% lower emissions than the 2005 standards and qualify for Japan's Green Tax exemptions, offering outstanding environmental performance and economic efficiency. The new model is designed to ""make you want to drive it when you see it, make you enjoy driving it, and make you want to drive it again. The all-new Demio has been reborn as a stylish, eco-friendly, safe, fun and gentle compact car. A new chapter in Mazda's Zoom-Zoom story has opened.

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