4th Generation March Image Gallery

In March 2010, the new March was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show as the new Micra. The name "Micra" is the European name for the March, and the March is a global car that is sold in many countries around the world. The third generation March with the current "frog face" was introduced in 2002, and this new fourth generation March is the first full model change in eight years.

So, how is the new March's exterior? If you ask me how the exterior of the new March is, you can see that it has been transformed from the unique exterior of the third generation to a stylish and simple compact car. To be honest, most people who see the new March for the first time probably won't recognize it as a new model at first glance.The new March is sure to be controversial after its launch, but before it goes on sale, why don't you take a look at the image gallery and compare it to the previous generation March?

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