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Citroen C3 best price used cars for sale in United States.|Red

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User reviews on Citroen C3

  • 1.0

    I received the item yesterday, (5th October, 2021) but not in good condition as you indicated on your site. The engine is misfiring. Currently i need to use a courier from Dar Es Salaam to Lilongwe (1600 km) since the vehicle cannot move on its own. I have failed to attach the video as this page does not permit attachment of videos.

  • 5.0

    Originally, I was considering a slightly larger size car, but when I narrowed down to C3, which I had been interested in before, and looked around the shops around my house, the purchased car was close to the budget, the person in charge Gondo Mr.'s personality was well decided. After that, I walked by and had him drop by.

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