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Toyota IQ best price used cars for sale in United States.|Silver

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Toyota is the largest car manufacturer and the largest company in Japan. Production/Sales Volume reached about 900 million units (the total number of passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle) including its group company Daihatsu and Hino Motors, and Toyota has become the number one car selling company in the world in 2007, overtaking General Motor. However, sales in 2010 was just a small difference. In GM, it was 8.39 million units and in Toyota, it was 8.42 million units. Moreover, Volkswagen (ranked as the third largest), aims to overtake Toyota in the time of 2018, and produce the scale of 10 million units. Because Toyota has Daihatsu in its group company, Toyota do not produce mini vehicles. From small engine car like “Passo” to V12-5 liter engine car like “Century”, Toyota is literally a full-line up car manufacturer. In addition, their attitudes to environmental issues are aggressive, such as selling Hybrid vehicle “Prius” first in the world, succeeding in improving the corporate image. Toyota is also a leading company in safety management field, adopting GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) and SRS curtain shield airbags as standard in all the models.

User reviews on Toyota IQ

  • 4.0

    The car is nice but not good car for our context in Mozambique where roads are not in good conditions. However, driving experience is wonderful

  • 3.0

    Since the purchase was for the purpose of commuting, I looked for a property with a strong awareness of maintenance costs and fuel efficiency. Since the commuting distance is 70km for a round trip, a light car causes a lot of fatigue, so I decided to use a 1000cc class car to reduce it.

  • 5.0

    First, there is little damage to the interior and exterior of the car for the price. I used to ride smart because I like rare car models, but I wanted to know the difference between foreign cars and domestic cars with similar types of cars, so I chose IQ. The smart car has a narrow feeling, and I got tired when I ran too long, so I got a wide IQ ride at a store, and I was attracted by the plus of two people.

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