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Honda Elysion

Elysion is the flagship of Honda's minivan. The total length and the total width is bigger than Alphard (Toyota) and Elgrand (Nissan). The development concept was “The new generation premium 8-seater”, and it pursued the premium quality in all three rows seats. It adopted an original low flat floor to have a bigger room. In addtion, by having a low center of gravity, it achieved to have secure and fine driving experiences. When it comes to exterior design, it combined “Square” as a reminiscent of the rich space and “Circle (streamlined)” as an image of advanced driving performance, modifying the image of the cruiser dynamically driving on a vast expense of sea. As it is clear on the theme of the design for its interior “Super relax”, it focused on relaxing interior in all three rows seats. Also, by equipping the large sheet with gently wrapped feeling and high quality woodgrain panel, it devised to have more richness feeling. Moreover, by raising the hip point 40mm toward the back row, it ensured more opened visibility, and 6:4 divided chip and slide mechanism, excepting for a part, was adopted to ensure a various seat arrangement. The engine is available in 3 liter V6 and 2.4 liter straight-4, and it combined electronic control 5-speed AT on every model. Finally, in addition to safety equipment such as ABS and various airbags, it equips immobilizer and the electronic authentication of the key and car on all models so that it can increase the anti-theft.

User reviews on Honda Elysion

  • 5.0
    United States

    Thank u so much.

  • 3.0

    Since the store was outside the prefecture, I could not confirm the actual item, so I was confused about the purchase, but in consideration of the car model, model year, equipment, price, etc. I decided to buy.

  • 5.0

    It was a rare grade I was hoping for, and it was a property that did not appear on the market very much. In addition, the engine room was clean, and maintenance such as replacement of consumable items was firmly done from the maintenance record, it can be inferred that the previous owner handled it carefully, and the exterior and contents were relatively clean and acceptable. .. In addition, the reason is that it has studless tires.

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