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Nissan Silvia

The 7th generation of Silvia, the most recent model, was released for sale in January 1999. This car was invented with the concept of “The car for looking, riding, driving, and feeling the emotion”, and inherited the basic model of rear wheel drive sporty coupe from its previous generations. From 3 number size of previous generations, the body size was downsized to 5 number frame body, and it enhanced more pleasant driving. When it comes to exterior, it has featured a flowing form and equipped a low hood and a low rear pillar. For the interior, tachometer was relocated on the center of meter panel, and depending on the grade, boost gauge or oil pressure gauge is equipped on the front pillar so that it could enhance more present driving experience. In addition, by having a rounded air conditioning outlet, all shut type louver and titanium tone on several parts, it expresses its sporty design. Engine type is consisted of a naturally aspirated 2 liter inline four-cylinder, and intercooler is available as an option. The transmission is available in 6-speed MT, 5-speed MT, and electronically controlled 4-speed AT, and it has a front strut and multi-link rear suspension. Due to improved rigidity on mounting portions and several reinforcements on several portions, it enables drivers to have a nimble driving performance. Moreover, breaking system was strengthened by sizing up brake rotor and brake booster.

User reviews on Nissan Silvia

  • 5.0
    United States

    Awesome car!

  • 3.0

    I had four Silvias before and then switched to a mini car, but I wanted to ride Silvia again. I rode up to S14, but not S15 Silvia. Also, the market price of used Silvia soared, and if you do not buy it now, the number of balls that will have more mileage will increase, so I decided to take this opportunity.

  • 4.0

    I bought a 30,000-kilometer vehicle that fell three years ago, and rode up to 100,000 km in 11 years. It's 5 number size, so driving was very easy. In addition, the various costs have been reduced. The major failure was the failure of the fuel pump. If there were some other defects, I would fix them myself or replace the parts before they break. I enjoyed customizing it by changing the wheels and muffler to after parts. It was a car that I really liked, but due to a total loss accident, I had to buy a new car this time.

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