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Nissan X-Trail

X-trail was released for sale in November 2000, as the first Cross-Country vehicle from Nissan. It was the SUV targeted to youngsters who enjoy outdoor sports. Inside X-trail, there is a wide space that enables 4 people to relax at the same time, with a large trunk for outdoor sports gears. In addition, it has a 4WD system that allocates torque from 2WD to 4WD, depending on the road condition. Its outlook is characterized with straight lined body shape. For its interior, the meter display is located at the center of the dash board, making drivers easier to see the display. Using graphite and metallic materials, X-trail expresses the interior which give people the image of equipment. Seats are water-repellent, so it is easy to remove the dust and water drops. X-trail has luggage boards that are washable directly when they are unattached from the floor as well, so that car users do not have to care how dirty their outdoor gears are. Its engine is in-line four cylinder 2 liter DOHC, with and without turbo. Silence that is close to 6 cylinder vehicles and the great response the car has, because of the continuous valve-timing control function and electric controlled throttle, are the characteristics of the car. What goes with these functions are the 4-speed AT and 5-speed MT, prepared for limited grades. X-trail is also environmentally friendly, that 90% of the car can be recycled.

User reviews on Nissan X-Trail

  • 5.0

    It looks good and feels good so far.

  • 5.0


  • 4.0

    I got the car. The external appearance is good, but on the way from Dar Es Salaam to Mozambique, the car had a problem with the engine oil leaking around the crankcase. However, after repairs, the car continued its journey and arrived safely.

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