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Mazda has a good reputation on its sporty design and high driving performances. The worldwide sales result of “Roadster” reached to 900,000 units and it has been confirmed by Guinness record. In addition, to this day, Mazda remains the only car manufacturer to have implemented rotary engine successfully on automobiles. Thus, it is clear to say that Mazda is the manufacturer with high mechanical advantages. Since the rotary engine has a positive effects not only on sports vehicles with light and low ground clearance but also on hydrogen, it has a possibility to become one of eco-friendly engines available in the market. Mazda is also known for introducing “i-stop”, an Idling Stop Technology, first to the market. Additionally, Mazda has developed a SkyActicv Technology, which increases fuel efficiency and engine output. The engine with SkyActiv Technology has an efficient environmental performance that is comparable with hybrid engine. Mazda is based in Hiroshima, Japan. Mazda is one of the earliest Japanese car manufacturers that accepted the fund from overseas, Ford. Mazda's catchphrase is “ZOOM-ZOOM”.

User reviews on Mazda AZ-Wagon

  • 4.0

    It was during the inventory clearing sale until June 4th at our shop, so we couldn't take time to close the contract, so the first year since the year after 13 years when taxes will be higher within the budget will be higher. There is a few years from the year registration, and I was worried about the time until the vehicle inspection and the consumption of parts, so with the vehicle inspection maintenance, it is an OEM car of the famous Wagon R as a model, so it is a reliable model, the total fee combined I was looking for an exhibition car with COSPA and my family, so I wanted to avoid distant vendors.

  • 4.0

    We decided on this used car store based on price and year. The price is a little higher than the price of the main unit and I am satisfied. Anyway, I think that it is better to have a new year model, and I think it is new for the price.

  • 5.0

    The condition of the vehicle was very good for the price and year, and the mileage was short. Also, because the dealer's response was easy to understand even for me who bought the car for the first time, it was polite.

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