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Nissan Teana

Nissan Teana was released for sale in February 2003. It was conceived as a “luxury sedan for sophisticated adult drivers”, providing an example of Japanese luxury. Teana is a luxury sedan that advices drivers to choose cars by interior. The strongest point of Teana is its modern living interior. Teana expresses a new sense of luxury under the themes of “gentleness”, “hospitality” and “skill”. Its new interior is equipped with a wood panel engendering a sense of a calm and freshness and seats that look like a luxurious sofa, which make people feel pleasant and comfortable that they would want to invite family and friends inside. The center console connects the front and the rear seats like a smooth arch, and the shift lever incorporated directly on the top of the wood graining panel contributes to the feelings of calmness. It is also provided with various comfortable equipment such as a passenger seat with power ottoman. It allows person in passenger's seat to stretch his/her legs and sit comfortably. In addition, automated air-conditioner with independent left/right temperature control is adopted. In appearance, an impressive large grill is adopted for its front view. This, combined with the rear seat giving viewers a feeling of prestige, makes Teana a stylish vehicle. As for engines, 2.3 liter and 3.5 liter, both V6DOHC engine is developed specially for FF type model. 2.5 liter 4-cylinder DOHC engine is only available for 4WD type. Either engine is combined with AT; 3.5 liter engine is combined with CVT-M6 (Xtronic transmission with 6-speed manual mode), and other engines are combined with 4-speed E-ATx. All model are equipped with safety items, such as airbags, ABS etc.

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