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Suzuki Palette best price used cars for sale in United States.

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Suzuki is a car manufacturer that mainly produces mini vehicles and two-wheeled vehicles. Although Suzuki has been the number one on sales of mini vehicles for 34 years in a row, they parted with their position to Daihatsu in 2007. Suzuki has the strong point which other companies do not have, such as line-ups of the mini/compact vehicles, and having broad-based sales network all over the country. Suzuki is also good at manufacturing unexpected cars, such as releasing a high economical car “Alto” paying attention to tax system of commercial vehicles, or making a big hit of “Wagon R”, which has its own packaging. They also have a reputation in manufacturing cars with conclusive cost cutting measures. Although Suzuki was originally an independent car manufacturer, they accepted the funds by GM for a time. By signing a comprehensive contracts with Volkswagen in December 2009, they now have a strong support in sales in emerging countries (except India) and next-generation technologies. (Suzuki terminated its partnership with VW in 2011).

User reviews on Suzuki Palette

  • 5.0

    The year, mileage, and price matched. I also thought that the automatic sliding doors on both sides were necessary for children to get on and off.

  • 5.0

    Although the year was old, the deciding factor for purchasing was that the mileage was less than 40,000 km and the price was a little cheaper than other stores. The interior and exterior were beautiful, and I was worried about the power of the light car, but I decided to purchase it because it was a turbo car.

  • 4.0

    In the search for used cars this time, we were looking for prices, mileage, and body type. The pallets are also expensive at other companies, and the vehicle I found in the used car EX was close to the desired price, so I bought it.

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