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Toyota Corolla Fielder best price used cars for sale

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Toyota Corolla Fielder

Corolla Fielder was renamed from its former model Corolla Wagon, after its model change in August 2000.Under the theme of “Value of new century car”, its main components such as engine, platform and suspensions were renewed. The body is made slightly larger by using the Vista's platform, and it has achieved the space of the room by making the wheelbase and overall height higher.Instrument panel is in two-tone color, and it gently curves to the door trim to show the spaciousness. Also, depending on the grade, instrument panel adopted the wood grain and metal design. Both the seat back and the seat cushion of rear seats can be folded and be splitted, with reclining mechanism. It has engine types such as 1.5 liter, 2 types for 1.8 liter, and 2.2-liters diesel. Sports twin cam engine is used for 1.8liters engine. Transmission can be chosen from either 4-speed AT super ECT or 5-speed MT. However, only for “Z Aero Tourer”, there is an option for 6-speed MT and an automatic Sports Steermatic shift, which drivers can change shifts without removing their hands off the steering.

User reviews on Toyota Corolla Fielder

  • I used to ride on a 2300cc SUV and want to save on maintenance costs, but I don't want to compromise on body type and driving performance. I looked for a car with the best balance of expression and condition. Although the total cost of this car was a little higher than the other candidates, the 1800cc moderate displacement, 60,000 mileage and the relatively new model year were the decisive factors.

  • The best thing was that it was within the budget. This car was the cheapest when comparing the model year, color and mileage with the same model of many stores. Actually I was looking for 1.5 cc, but 1.8 cc was cheaper, so I decided here. The exterior and interior had no major scratches, and it had been a beautiful car for five years.

  • Originally I wanted a car, but this time I found a vehicle that was good and reasonably priced, and it was a store in a place where I could go from home.


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