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Toyota RAV4 best price used cars for sale in United States.|Green

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Toyota RAV4

First generation RAV4 was released for sale in 1994, and was noted as concept car which can run off-road using the basic components of the passenger car system. Thereafter, it became to be noticed as a genre of SUV worldwide. The RAV4 third-generation model was released in November 2005, developed with the aim as world number one SUV. The advanced platform, engine, suspension and 4WD system were redesigned to be a new car. The developed platform was based on Corolla system of which the overall body's width was slightly expanded to 1800 mm. Talking about the size in Japan, it might not be convenient, however it can be said as the world standard size of this era. RAV4 has the engine of 2AZ-FE type and four-cylinder 2.4 liter series. It has no direct injection, but still it generates power and torque of 125kw / 224Nm with VVT-i mechanism, enabling environmental friendly performance and conforming to the green tax system. Plus, the variable speed CVT with 7-speed manual mode is combined to it. Suspension has the front wheel strut, with compact double-wishbone rear wheel. Power steering is adopted to a new electronic control power steering. It is combined with VSC of sideslip prevention device, managed together with the active torque for 4WD electronic control and 4WD system. Still, RAV4 has a convenient wide space inside. It is also designed in safety aspects, such as collision safety management and reducing pedestrians impact when the collision occurred.

User reviews on Toyota RAV4

  • 5.0
    South Sudan


  • 5.0

    It's a nice and compact SUV

  • 5.0

    The vehicle was re painted. The sailler didn't disclose why they repainted the vehicle. Is it possible to get a discount refund? At least I should know why it was re painted.

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