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TCV Supporters

Welcome to the TCV Supporters.
You can get rewards for every repeated purchase you make with your registered TCV account!

1.Sign up
Became a supporter by a simple sign up
Buy for yourself, your friends, or your customers.
3.Get the reward
Up to $100 monthly rewards per purchase.

How much you can get yearly through TCV Supporters

If you buy vehicles MIN-Rewards MAX-Rewards
4 units $160 $400
12 units $480 $1200
36 units $1,140 $3,600
120 units $4,800 $12,000

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q
    How can I get Maximum $100 every purchase?
    If you purchase every month, the reward amount is increased by $10 from $40 up to $100.
  • Q
    Can I get a reward if I don't keep buying it every month?
    Yes you can. However, if you don’t purchase monthly, the reward amount will be back to the beginning, $40.
  • Q
    Is it also applicable to items purchased by the supporters through another account?
    It’s not applicable.
You need to have a TCV account in order to join TCV SUPPORTERS
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