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Nissan Elgrand 2015 best price used cars for sale

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Nissan Elgrand

Elgrand was born due to a full model change of Caravan Coach/Homy Coach. It was changed from Cab-over type into Minivan type, placing the engine at the front side. Under the concept of “Best luxury new generation 1 Box type car”, Elgrand has the characteristic of strong presence and first-class-level interior space. Elgrand expresses its luxury and strength with the plating front grill and huge bumper. Its interior is stress-free for long driving, by making the dash board horizontal and wide to keep high usability. In addition, interior is coordinated only in olive-gray color, with the best equipment chosen to actualize the luxury space. By placing the engine at the front and making the floor flat, it is possible to walk through the front row and the back row. Besides, Elgrand has the super multi-seats which enable variety of seating arrangements, to use the space efficiently. Customers can choose the engine from 2 types; V6/3.5 liter DOHC gasoline type or 3.2 liter diesel turbo type with inter-cooler. Either engine can be put together with column 4-speed AT. Its driving system can be either FR 2WD or electrically-controlled torque split 4WD. For safety features, Dual SRS Airbags, ABS and wide door mirrors are initially equipped.

User reviews on Nissan Elgrand

  • 5.0

    I was waiting for a used car listing to meet as many desired conditions as possible within my budget, and a listing that seemed to be more difficult was listed.

  • 5.0

    I was looking for a limited number of cars, but because the mileage was short and the exterior and interior were in good condition.

  • 4.0

    Because the sales staff's response speed and the ability to purchase from a remote location and check the current car, there is a sense of security of after-sales service as a dealership sales company, and it was within the budget.

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