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Subaru Legacy B4 2006 best price used cars for sale in United States.

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Subaru Legacy B4

Legacy B4 is the third generation of Legacy Sedan which was first released for sales in October 1998. Although the series has a strong image as a station wagon, this Legacy was built uniquely enough to overturn the previous image of Legacy series. The new subname 「B4」 stands for a combination of Boxer engine's “B”, horizontally opposed engine as known as the pride of SUBARU, and “4” representing 4WD by claiming that it is a high-performance 4WD sports. In fact, since this car utilizes sedan form, it enhances superior running performance such as a higher body rigidity and a lower center of gravity. Speaking of this higher driving performance, the participation in famous WRC (World Rally Championship) has been done for the generation of Legacy Sedan 2.0RS which is 2 generations prior to B4. The number one sales point of B4 is the suspension, which is rumored to be tuned up by Porsche, and it catches the road flexibly and certainly. The line-up for engine is consisted in either 280 horsepower, 2000 CC turbo (265 horsepower for AT) or 155 horsepower, 2000 CC non-turbo. For each grades, the option of setting AT is available, and for RSK model, the first Subaru sports shifting was adopted. This new shifting enables users to drive manually. On May 2000, a few minor changes were taken place; however, there was no change on exterior design, and aluminum engine hood was adopted on RSK model.

User reviews on Subaru Legacy B4

  • 5.0

    It arrived with exact specs and condition.

  • 5.0

    It was so perfect. Thank you

  • 4.0

    It was reasonably priced for its good performance, but it was also a decisive factor that it was a car that won the Car of the Year, with a 4-door mission and turbo fitted to suit my taste.

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