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Toyota Probox Van 2018 best price used cars for sale in United States.

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Toyota Probox Van

Toyota made minor changes to Probox and started the sales as Probox Van. With the minor changes made this time, Probox Van supports all the Japanese business persons with developed functions that are highly used and demanded in business scenes. 1.3 liter car adopts 1NR-FE engine, combined with Super CVT-i system which enables the best fuel consumption rate among the same class of all cars (Same thing to be said for 1.5 liter car as well). All Probox Vans are applicable for low tax cars, because of its eco-friendliness. In addition, all Probox Vans have VSC&TRC functions and Assist Control functions for assisting to start the engine at the hillside, paying high attention to safety and environment. Also, structure of the suspensions were reviewed and the platform was improved, making it more easy to drive with high stability and comfort. Space inside the car was kept wide and comfortable, with new features such as new front seats for long driving and a new storage space which drivers can reach while driving.

User reviews on Toyota Probox Van

  • 5.0
    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

    very good

  • 5.0
    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

    En tres bon etat

  • 5.0

    It looks like a good cat

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