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Toyota Vitz 2013 best price used cars for sale

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Toyota Vitz

Vitz was released for sale by Toyota in January 1999 and became a world's leading vehicle. Toyota Vitz is a line of three- and five-door FF2 box car. The distinctive feature of Toyota Vitz is its short & tall body style, provided by an overall length of 3610mm, a width of 1660mm and a height of 1500mm. The wheelbase is 2370mm, which is slightly longer than usual that enables 4 adult passengers to be comfortable inside the car. As for interior, the meter is located at the center of the instrument panel, enhancing the visibility. All models are also equipped by air conditioners fitted with the spit hole and switch based on a circle shape and clean air filter eliminating pollen. Newly developed engine is 1 liter 4-cylinder engine. The adaptation of VVT-I and compactification of each parts have made it possible to achieve the best fuel consumption level. Transmission is available from 2 types; 4-speed super ECT automatic or 5-speed MT. In August, 1.3 Vitz was added with 4WD model, equipped with a 1.3-liter VVT-i engine. In October, “U Euro Sport Edition” was released for sale. As a package option of “U”-grade, it was equipped with 1.3 liter VVT-i engine and a suspension engineered with an emphasis on maneuverability. However, in October 2000, it was changed to sport grade “RS” equipped by 1.5 liter engine and exclusive parts.

User reviews on Toyota Vitz

  • I was looking only for Vitz, because the appearance was beautiful and the store's response was kind and seemed to be able to respond quickly.

  • First of all, the price was low, but it was decided because the interior and exterior were beautiful, the navigation, body color, mileage, and the reliability of the car model due to the transfer of the car model.

  • That it was the type of car that I was looking for. The mileage was within 50,000 km, the exterior and interior were beautiful, and the price was low, so we decided on this property.


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