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Alfa Romeo 147 best price used cars for sale in United States.

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User reviews on Alfa Romeo 147

  • 5.0

    When the model year was a little old, there were a lot of changes, but I was able to ride comfortably without seeing any problems with the engine. Because it is a Yuni Yusha, I am worried about the cost of maintenance. Perhaps it would have been a little easier if the repair could be repaired in-house. Since the model year is old, I can't deny the feeling that the suspension around it is a little heavy. The engine blows up and the engine sound is comfortable. The tires were so kind of noise that I felt uncomfortable.

  • 4.0

    After checking several cars and testing them, the degree of interior and exterior was good, and the cost performance was high, which I liked. In addition, I was relieved that the store was also polite.

  • 5.0

    There were few noticeable scratches that there was no problem with the organization. The interior was also beautiful. There was a maintenance record book left. It was easy for the people in the store to consult with them.

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