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Daihatsu Miragino best price used cars for sale in United States.

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User reviews on Daihatsu Miragino

  • 5.0

    It was the first car I was interested in in "Used Car EX", the reply to the question email was quick, and when I actually visited the dealer and saw the target car, I liked it because it was several times more beautiful than the photo on the site In addition, I think that I was able to finally get the car of my choice by having the person in charge explain and respond very carefully, and I was able to do a pleasant shopping.

  • 4.0

    The reason for the decision was that the exterior color was the green color I was looking for, the interior was beautiful, and the price was low. There were points that I was concerned about such as cracks in the windshield and tears in the driver's seat, but I decided to purchase it because it was a totally satisfying car.

  • 4.0

    I liked the design and was looking for it in Mirasino. It was a car that was reasonably priced and looked good, so I chose this one.

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