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Honda Airwave best price used cars for sale

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Honda Airwave

Honda Airwave is a compact station wagon mainly targeting young people that don't stick to one style but care about their sense and perception. It was developed with the concept of “New Wave Compact”. As well as Honda Fit and Honda Mobilio, Airwave has a central tank layout with fuel tank arranged at the center part of the car body, which enables users to have a convenient low floor and various seat arrangement. Another feature of Airwave is a grade that is equipped with a large-aperture sky roof, which is 1,110mm long by 770mm wide. The sky roof has adopted a glass that has UV-cut effect with excellent in insulation, and privacy glass effect with high heat-absorption, in order to block unwanted glare. Moreover, it is also supplied with electric sunshade that opens and shuts by one switch and can be adjusted in width of open area. In appearance, Airwave has a relaxed body form enabling smart running through the city, expressing sporty and a sense of stability at the same time. As for interior, it has rear seats equipped with a dive-down mechanism and can be folded in a 60/40 split, without removing the headrest, enabling users to have four modes of seating configurations by simple operation. Interior is intended to make users feel the excitement and spaciousness spread out everywhere; it is reflected in the design of indoor facilities, such as instrumental panes designed in the motif of a bird spreading its wings. Engine is 1.5 liter VTEC engine. All patterns of Airwave have achieved the “2005 exhaust gas standard 75% reduction level” in the low-emission vehicle certification system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan, proving Airwave is environmentally friendly. All patterns are also equipped enough with safety features, such as ABS.

User reviews on Honda Airwave

  • 5.0

    I decided it was an airwave from the beginning, and it was cheaper than what I saw at other stores, and the price was cheap, so I decided. Since there was no car navigation system in the car so far, it was also a big point to have a car navigation system. I was happy with the person in charge, so I wanted to purchase it at the same store next time.

  • 3.0

    With the year model, 2 years of vehicle inspection, the degree of the vehicle is almost satisfactory, and the exterior is a price range that was well planned for the year model, so I immediately contracted.

  • 5.0

    I was looking for a cheap car as much as possible on the condition that there is no restoration calendar. Although there were signs that the front fender had been replaced, it did not correspond to the restoration calendar, and I confirmed that the condition of the car was very good and considered purchasing it. There were other candidates, but I decided to buy after comprehensively judging the price and the condition of the car.

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