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Honda, renowned for a motorcycle manufacturer, developed its car manufacturing business quickly under the charismatic management and leadership of Soichiro Honda, who provided an enterprise spirit which was referred to as Honda-ism. Solely, it has been expanding cars of varying body size and engine capacity, such as from light cars “Life” to 3.7 liter V6 powered luxury sedan “Legend”, but manufacturing almost no commercial vehicle line-ups. They neither sell taxi-like cars in overseas market nor in the domestic market. The reason for this strategy lies with the brand image. Furthermore, although it is well known for F1 events, in recent years it has been symbolized by the hit of “Odyssey”, and has become locally known as a specialist manufacturer of minivan. After the second generation “Insight”, Honda is active in line-up expansion of hybrid vehicles. Instead of having partnership with other manufacturers as is the trend, Honda has pursued its own route. Apart from car business, Honda is the top in Japan for motorcycles and it has also ventured in humanoid robot and business jet technologies.

User reviews on Honda Vamos

  • 3.0

    I'm searching for the size of the car and the size of a turbo car in a light car, and I really needed a four-wheel drive because it was a snowy country, and I wanted to prioritize low prices.

  • 5.0

    When Bamos bought at the same store became sick and I was looking for 4WD, turbo, AT, rear seat split, there was another one in Miyagi prefecture, but there was no rust underneath and the engine I was in good shape, so I decided to use Bamos here.

  • 3.0

    I am delivering home meals, but since I used Honda Zest before purchasing Vamos, I could not load it if there were many lunch boxes, so when I was looking for a light van with a wide luggage room, When I searched, I found a used car dealer near me, so after inquiring, I saw the actual car and bought it.

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