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Mitsubishi Airtrek

Airtrek was released for sale in June 2001. Under the concept of “Creation of free space and driving”, it also enables “Ease of use in everyday life with minivan” and “Sporty driving performance with station wagon” at a high level by combining “SUV's high off-road performance”, it embodied the next-generation crossover RV that could play a major role that goes beyond the existing RV. Its exterior is equipped with characteristic independent atypical 4-lamp headlamps, bumper and center nose. In addition, it is equipped with 16-inch wheels to ensure the superior off-road performance. Together with the large wheels, it enhances the image of a tough driving performance. Its interior is designed sporty, with distinctive t-shaped instrument panel, circular air outlet, and two-eye type meter display. Moreover, by equipping 2625mm wheelbase, it managed to have a sufficient space for passengers in rear seats. Its rear seats can be folded in a 60/40 split, making it possible to have various seat arrangements depending on the situation. Its engine can be chosen from 3 types; GDI 2.4 litter DOHC, 2 litter natural aspiration and turbo. That engine will be combined with an INVECS Sports mode 4AT, which enables driver to enjoy manual feeling shift work. AT shift lever is placed on the center lower part of instrument panel, making it possible to walkthrough between the driver's seat and passenger's seat. Driving system is consisted of both FF and full time 4WD, which is also adopted on Lancer Evolution.

User reviews on Mitsubishi Airtrek

  • 5.0

    The price is ruthless, full options, safety equipment, and luggage for work can be loaded easily.

  • 4.0

    I hate riding in the same car as other people, and after searching variously, I came to this car. The model year is a little old, but I chose this car because it was low running.

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