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Nissan Cube

Cube was released for sale in February 1998. It is a minivan-style compact wagon based on Nissan March. It shared the same wheelbase as Nissan March, but by providing long roof and tall body style, it has more spacious and comfortable indoor space and ease of driving. Cube is fitted with 4 doors, flip-up tailgate and glass hatch. In appearance, it has a compact design, by adopting large two-stage headlamp and rear combination lamp with clear lens. As for interior, Cube is made to easily getting on and off, by setting the hip point of the front seat at high level. In addition, a feeling of openness and easy-to-drive driving position is achieved by making the eye-point higher. Besides, by adopting a column shift and making the front space wider, it makes it possible to provide walk through space in the front/rear and right/left directions. Rear seat is allowed to be slide and divided to make them flat that enables users to have various seat arrangements according to the number of passengers and the amount of luggage. The engine is only in-line four cylinders 1.3 liter DOHC. Transmission depends on grades and can be chosen from the next types: electronically controlled 4-speed AT, continuously variable HYPER CVT, or continuously variable HYPER CVT-M6 with 6-speed manual mode. The driving system can either be FF or auto control 4WD optimally distributing the front/rear torque in response to a road surface condition and the vehicle speed. The vehicle is also equipped with various safety equipment such as dual SRS airbag, ABS, etc.

User reviews on Nissan Cube

  • 5.0

    Perfect vehicle that fits all my needs.

  • 5.0

    Nice car.Worder why not it is not selling in Europe. We have got here in Finland Micra insteadCube is a lot nicer.

  • 4.0

    The car was the same as what I was looking for. The color of the body was also what I wanted. The mileage was relatively small at 44,000, and I thought it was reasonably priced.

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