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Nissan Fuga

Nissan Fuga is a Nissan's flagship luxury vehicle and a substantial successor to the Nissan Cedric/Gloria. The name of the vehicle – “Fuga” – comes from a name of a music form in which the melodies intertwine with each other. That correlates with the concept of the car that the most distinctive features of Fuga - “grace and dynamics” - are being harmonized into a vehicle. Fuga is a luxury sports sedan that stimulates drivers' mind by combining incredible driving sense and gorgeous interior, that goes beyond the bounds of traditional luxury car. Fuga is built on an improved version of Nissan FM platform used for Skyline and Fairlady Z, which in combination with enhanced rigidity enables excellent steering stability and high steering responsiveness. In appearance, it has high quality sporty design that takes both grace and powerfulness into consideration, based on three keywords: solid (voluminous massiveness), powerful (graceful, dynamic and sporty feeling), and luxury (new luxurious feel). 3 keywords for interior are: invigoration (a sense of exaltation in driving), roomy (comfortable interior space), and luxury (high quality hospitality). Fuga offers its high quality hospitality with a mild flow system; by setting air blowing out port on a dash board upper surface, the air does not directly reach the human body. A comfortable indoor space, provided by top-level for sedan indoor height (1880mm), is also the pride of Fuga developers. Fuga is available with the 2.5 liter or 3 liter engine, and both of them are V6. The transmission is electronically controlled 5-speed automatic transmission with manual mode. All vehicles comply with “2005 standard exhaust gas 50% reduction level”.

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