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Nissan Serena best price used cars for sale

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Nissan Serena

Vanette, the 1 box wagon car, had its full model change in 1991. It was transformed into a minivan with the front nose, with its subname “Serena”. To correspond with the second generation model, the full model change was done in June 1999, and was referred as Serena. While mounting position of the founder Serena engine remained under the driver's seat, but had adopted a midship system by pushing the front wheels to the front, the current second generation Serena is adopted to use the FF system. So far it is characterized by a quiet and smooth steering stability ride and maneuverability of no complaints.

User reviews on Nissan Serena

  • 5.0

    The dealer's response was good. The requirements of the car and the conditions of the amount of money were matched. The service system was reliable.

  • 5.0

    I went to check the current car the same day after searching because it was a model I was considering purchasing from before, and it was said that the appearance and inside were in good condition and there were no particular defects, so I decided a contract on the spot. I still feel satisfied with my shopping.

  • 3.0

    It is a low-priced, good-sized car because it can accommodate a family in one box and does not need to ride for a long time. I also liked the equipment such as speakers, navigation and back monitor.

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