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Nissan Sunny

The 9th generation of Sunny was released for sale in October 1998. By developing a new platform and improving the steering stability and riding comfortability, it has made positive changes on environmental protection and safety measure. When it comes to the interior, it has a continuous room from the top surface of the instrument panel to the console with three-dimensional sense of interior by a large center cluster. From the idea of “easy to use for everyone”, it improved the usability, such as changing the word front on the meter into which drivers can easily read, and making the switches and font size bigger. In addition, it is standardly equipped with front seat active headrest to reduce the burden on the neck at the time of collision, a dual SRS airbag with friendly upper interior to reduce the impact between the passenger's head, and the pillar and the door trim at the time of collision. Finally, it is also standardly equipped with ABS, break assist, and EBD (2WD).

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