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Renault KOLEOS best price used cars for sale

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User reviews on Renault KOLEOS

  • 4.0

    It was the first imported car (Coleos), but the car body was based on a Nissan car, so it could be used comfortably without failure. The price for a new car is quite good, but because there is no demand in Japan, I was able to purchase it for less than half the price in five years. The new car price was reasonable, so the suspension and interior (leather seats, electric sunroof, etc.) were also good. However, navigation was not built-in and hindered visibility, and the data in the internal memory was old, and I was sometimes lost, which made me stressful. In addition, even though it was a card key, I could not unlock or lock it without pressing the card button, which made me feel annoying after purchasing. The newly purchased car can be unlocked and locked just by touching the doorknob, which makes it much easier to use and was the number one point that I'm glad I bought. The reason for replacement is that the car was hit by a wall and scratched when the car was removed from a single-family house of the 3rd floor 1st floor parking type.

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