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Subaru Impreza best price used cars for sale

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Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza is a Subaru's compact sedan released for sale in November 1992. The first-generation model was called “Hardtop Sedan”, but after minor change in August 2000, the series were renamed to “WRX”. It was renamed again to Impreza Sedan after minor change in November 2002. As it can be associated with the past generation WRX, Impreza Sedan became a 4-door model focusing on running characteristic. To enhance running performance, it adopted the body of 3 number size. Engine is only available with 2 liter engine. Its driving system is only 4WD. Subaru Impreza, which was developed through technologies honed in the rally, is able to provide both joy of driving and safety according to various road surface and weather. It is equipped with original horizontally opposed engine, with excellent weight balance and symmetry 4WD system. Impreza has high danger-avoidance performance, which is achieved by adopting a highly reliable brake system, ABS and brake assistance. Impreza is also excellent in practical performance. It has enough trunk capacity provided by a unique high deck form and a wide frontage enabling easier loading-unloading of luggage.

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