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Toyota Carina

The 7th generation Carina was released for sale in August 1996. The car shared the major components with the Corona Premio, but was unique in combination of middle-class comfortable packaging with compact-class agile driving. Carina is intended as a car for young family users and designed in sharp style. It is developed focusing on security, all models equipped with Dual airbags, ABS and collision-safety body “GOA”. Depending on the grade, engine can be chosen from 5 types, 1.5 liter EFI engine, 1.6 liter sports twin-cam engine with variable valve timing mechanism, efficient 1.8 liter learn-burn engine, 2 liter diesel turbo engine, and 2 liter EFI engine mounted on 4WD. Driving system can either be FF or 4WD. Transmission can be 5-speed MT or 4-speed MT respectively. There has been a minor change on the Toyota Carina in August 1998, in which bumper and side protection molding were made the same color, GT was equipped with a 6-speed MT, and diesel turbo engine was expanded to 2.2 liter.

User reviews on Toyota Carina

  • 5.0
    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

    C'est beaucoup apprecie pour le transport ici

  • 4.0

    The car were perfect

  • 3.0

    The old car was hit on the road and was scrapped, and I found it quite cheaply when I was looking for a similar car before that. The year has passed a lot, but the ride is good. When I started riding for about two years, I started running without the gear even if I started the engine. I was tricking into riding in that state, but the number of breakdowns increased as the model year got older.

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