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Toyota Corolla Runx

Corolla Runx is a 5-door hatchback released for sale in January 2001, as a derivative model of the Corolla. The high seating point is excellent in a getting on/off property and its comfortable space comparable to medium class are provided by a longer wheelbase and a higher indoor space. By making body weight light and optimizing the major components, the driving became smart. Rear seat has a reclining mechanism and can be folded in a 60/40 split. The engines of all Corolla Runx vehicles are VVT-I, but available with a choice of 1.5 liter or 1.8 liter. Corolla Runx is filled with different options like seat back of the front passenger seat, which can be used as a table when tilted forward. 1.8 liter engine model is equipped with 6-speed MT and sports steermatic that allow a driver to change shifts removing their hands off the steering. Toyota Allex is the sister model of Corolla Runx; Runx has not only the same mechanism but even completely the same grade line with Allex. The only different part is the design of details.

User reviews on Toyota Corolla Runx

  • 5.0

    Fuel efficiency car

  • 5.0

    I like the car especially because it is easy to maintain.

  • 1.0

    1. The vehicle failed inspection (Tanzania Bureau of Standards)2. No carpets inside (front and at the back)3. Dents at the front side of the bonnet4. The tires were flat. TBS has instructed to buy new tires before registration5. There were abount 3 litres of water at the vehicle boot caused rust at the boot itself and the spare tire.6. The could not start up, until the battery was replaced

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