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Toyota Hiace Van

Since the present model of Toyota Hiace was released for sale in 1989, its nice appearance design, spacious indoor space and functional specification have been evaluated. Its sales is so well as if it had a monopoly in the market for one-box type vans. Hiace’s high practicability is also highly appreciated in the international market, primarily in emerging countries. Improvements made on Hiace in May 2012 included not only enhancements of protective facilities, such as an adaptation of illuminated entry system that turns on the front room lamp even after the doors were closed and setting up an antitheft system (engine immobilizer system) on all models as standard equipment, but also enhancements of convenience, such as an adaptation of speed-sensitive power door lock system, which automatically locks the doors depending on the speed. Moreover, models with diesel engine adopted exhaust gas purification switch (for the catalytic purification), allowing a manual compensate operation of the catalytic purification. All models are equipped with discharge headlights (low beam with auto-leveling function), enhancing the visibility at nighttime as a manufacturer's option. Toyota Hiace was also the first model in Japan adopting an automatic anti-dazzle inner mirror incorporating back monitor, which supports parking by reflecting the backward image from the back camera to the display on the inner mirror when the vehicle is driven backward. The Hiace is abundant in variation of body form; it is available in long and super long body by length, in standard and wide body by width, with standard or high roof and with standard or just low floor. All of the models use a 4-cylinder engine, 2.7 liter 2TR-FE engine for petrol and 3 liter cc D-4D turbo diesel engine.

User reviews on Toyota Hiace Van

  • 5.0

    In documents I received there was no hard copy of invoice which gives us problems to register the vehicle.

  • 5.0
    South Sudan

    regarding this van it has body rust need a allot of work to be done on its body please next time if you want as to continue our business sell a good product dont sell goods that bring allot of losses.

  • 5.0
    South Sudan

    this item was not good completely rusted it need allot of work on the body please next time if your advertising your product make sure they all good dont sell a bad item.

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