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Toyota Kluger V best price used cars for sale

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Toyota Kluger V

Toyota Kluger V was released for sale in November, 2000. It was intended as an “active vehicle”, to enrich the lifestyle of users. It integrated the high basic performance of the passenger car and the appeal & the fun of SUV. In appearance, it has a very distinctive shape line of the body and powerful blister fender. The total length of Kluger V is 4685mm and its wheelbase is 2715mm. Thus, it provides a comfortable indoor space. Rear seat has a reclining mechanism and can be folded in a 60/40 split. There are 2 types of engine available; 3 liter V6 and 2.4 liter 4-cylinder BEAMS. In addition, by adopting suspension of a new design and high-rigidity body, it is pursuing driving that features comfortableness distinctive for a passenger car, as well as SUV's rough road driving ability provided by high minimum clearance. Transmission is 4-speed AT Super ECT. The “S package” is equipped by a “SPORT STEER SHIFT MATIC” option, which enables drivers to make shift operation without removing hands off the steering wheel. As for interior, standard equipment for all models include 3-eye type optitron meter with high visibility. Other than that, there is plenty of storage space inside the car, such as front door pockets, small storage pockets, and deck under tray. Accessory sockets are set in two locations, at the upper part of a shift lever and deck side. For safety features, ABS, Brake Assist, Dual SRS Airbag, seat belt non-wearing warning light (flashing type) are equipped. To secure a clear visual field even in bad weather, water-repellent front door glass and rain clearing door mirrors are also included in standard equipment of all models.

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