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Toyota Mark II best price used cars for sale in United States.

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Toyota Mark II

Mark II was released for sale in September 1968, and its initial name was Corona Mark II. At the time, it was clear that Mark II deeply inherited the image of Corona, even though it was initially introduced as more luxurious line of Corona. The first general model of Mark II was available only in hardtop model with sporty design. The same design was applied for the second generation model which was released in 1976. However, from the third generation model which was released in 1980, its deployment was available in both sedan and hardtop, but with 4 doors type only. In every 4 years, the model has been upgraded, and the eighth generation model, the most current model, was released in September 1996.

User reviews on Toyota Mark II

  • 4.0

    Its an nice car with a very comfort I think Mark II and Crown are the child of same father but different mothers

  • 5.0
    United States

    It's basically a 4 door SUPRA if u make sure to get a jzx and not gx

  • 5.0

    Toyota is my favourire car.Current, I have ordered Harrier 2004, and it is in the process

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