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Toyota Mark X

Mark X was developed as the successor to the Mark II, which was the best selling Toyota model born in 1968, with the total number of registration in Japan is more than 4.8 million. Conceived as “a car which becomes the goal of a new era and opens up a new history”, Mark X possesses the essential qualities of a FR (rear wheel drive) sedan and at the same time represents a model that is completely renewed from name to spec. The alphabetic letter X stands for “unknown” and represents a challenge to the unknown potential. This is concept of Mark X; “dynamic and stylish rear wheel sedan”. The three concepts, high quality enough to suit for a luxury car, the luxury that sets Mark X apart from other cars and appeals to sensitivity of a driver, and the quality that can be proud with great confidence of, are what was taken into consideration in developing of the Mark X. The appearance is dynamic; three-lamp configuration for the headlights and a rear bumper integrated with a diffuser, providing a joy of driving. Due to the well-balanced 54/46 weight distribution and the position of the driver's seat that has been arranged at the center between the front and rear wheels, drivers can easily see the behavior of the vehicle. Interior design provides superior quality of space while considering hospitality to a vehicle occupant, such as placing an audio switch exclusive to front passenger seat. Rear seat not only can be folded in a 60/40 split but also can be reclined in 7 different positions. Mark X is available with the 2.5 liter or 3 liter engines, and both are V6. To provide a safety and environmental performance, all vehicles comply with “2005 standard exhaust gas 75% reduction level” and have body structure enhancing head protection performance.

User reviews on Toyota Mark X

  • 3.0

    Don't really know much about it. Will get to know more now.

  • 4.0

    It came right on time and as described. It’s good car.

  • 5.0

    The car is okay though it has a little problem with brakes

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