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Toyota Noah best price used cars for sale

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Toyota Noah

Toyota Noah was released for sale in November 2001 as the successor to the Toyota Townace Noah. Keyword for Noah was “Cubic Creator”. The car has both new style and comfortable ride at high level. It is designed for all the people riding on the car to have fun time, under the concept of “creating a rich 21st century mobility life”. Comparing to Townace Noah, platform was changed from FR to FF type, with 2 liter D-4 engine. Townace Noah was made very similar to its brother models, but when it was renewed with its new name “Noah”, its looks and functions were renewed as well. New Noah has a magnificent and at the same time friendly design. Its basic grade is common to Voxy, but Noah doesn't have packages which Voxy has, so that grades can be changed depending on what customers demand.

User reviews on Toyota Noah

  • 5.0

    Good vehicle.

  • 4.0
    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the


  • 5.0
    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

    En tres bon etat

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