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Toyota Premio

“Corona” has disappeared from the name of Toyota models, and Toyota Premio was released for sale in December 2001 as the successor of Corona Premio. It was a sad moment for old Toyota fans that long-beloved vehicle name “Corona” had disappeared. Premio was intended to be the leading model of advanced medium sedan in the 21 century, thus it did not inherit its predecessor's name. The style of Premio is significantly different from the previous conservative line. It has an aggressive design seen in the recent Toyota. Premio was developed under the keywords of “high quality and high functionality”; it demonstrates how good Toyota is on building automobile.

User reviews on Toyota Premio

  • 5.0

    The engine seems to be perfect and in good condition

  • 4.0
    United States

    i did not received vehicle as of today

  • 5.0
    South Sudan

    this car was very good i think next time i will ask this seller to get another one like this with good price i will purchase it immediately.

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