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As the word “Volkswagen” means “People's car” in German, Volkswagen is the representative mass-market car manufacturer of Germany. It is headquartered in Lower Saxony (Germany) and unites 8 brands under Volkswagen Group, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Škoda, SEAT and Volkswagen Commercial vehicles (+ motorcycle manufacturer Ducati). Moreover, negotiations between Volkswagen and Porsche eventually came to an agreement that Volkswagen will take over Porsche that is planned for the latter half of 2011 – 2012. (Porsche became the Volkswagen Group in 2012.) Volkswagen (hereinafter, VW) also had announced goal of selling more than 10 million cars in year 2018. If this goal will be attained, VW will get ahead of Toyota and GM, and reach the top position in terms of the number of sales. VW is also a leader in the number of imported car sales in Japan. The original Beetle and the Golf in present are the most famous models of Volkswagen.

User reviews on Volkswagen Scirocco

  • 5.0

    Dear Team,This is to inform that I have received the unit. But only 1 key was received, why? There were supposed to be 2 keys as illustrated on the sales post. Hence, there is no manual in the car.Pls can you arrange to send those missing items through DHL?Thanks and regardsDuduque

  • 5.0

    My client is very satisfied. The car is in impeccable condition and drives perfect, incredible choice.

  • 5.0

    Among the models with few balls, the condition was good and the price was cheap. Also, it was a purchase from a distance, but because the car's condition was sent in advance with a video, and the shop's response such as a long test drive was good.

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