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TCV Best Seller Award 2020

About TCV Award

The TCV Best Seller Award is a award given by TCV to sellers who have been favored by buyers.
The award is based on the concept of "Best Sellers chosen by buyers" and is based on a multifaceted assessment of buyer reviews and ratings.
The awards consist of the "Best Seller 2020" award for the most popular seller in 2020 and the "Best First Year Seller" award for the most popular seller in their first year of membership.

Best Seller 2020

We deal with around 300 units mainly trucks. Sharing information of the status of the unit has won the support of buyers.
Thank you for all your prompt dealings with us. We hope that we can continue to do better business with you through our cars.As we are dealing overseas, please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have, no matter how trivial. We will take care of each and every one of you.
User Review
I thank TCV and Kaga Motors for the efficient process in shipping my vehicle. I got it in perfect condition just as it was seen through the pictures. Looking forward to more business with you.
i really enjoy doing business with Kaga motors, these guys offer real value for money. these guys are awesome. i love my truck.
Carnival has been an seller of TCV for nearly 20 years.With experience and skilled in online sales have developed, they have able to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.
We are very happy to receive this award. Thank you to everyone who has purchased from us.We will continue to offer affordable, high quality cars that buyers can choose from among our cars!
User Review
Thanks i received the unit in good condition God bless you i will continue doing business with you.
Well you have a good car good condition so nice I will came back to you to buy another car for you Thank you
Trade User's
We take care of each cars, giving them maintenance according to their condition. This allows us to deal with each customer with peace of mind, has been highly praised by buyers.
We want our customers to be happy with their purchase and to find a good car.We are looking forward to increasing our sales volume and bringing you more cars that you will love.We look forward to hearing from you.
User Review
Hello the seller is perfect,he gave me all the necessary information.
The car arrived in very good condition, thank you very much.

Best FirstYear Seller

Yokohama Toyopet the highest annual sales among the winners of this award.They have been highly evaluated by buyers for its speedy and reliable transactions with the TOYOTA Group.
Thank you for your interest. The feedback we receive with you will help us to improve our services in the future and make them even better.If you have any concerns about anything other than our services and products, no matter how small, please do not hesitate to contact us.
User Review
I appreciate your cooperation during the process of purchase, it really is a clean car and well performing thanks and hope to work with you again. God bless you
Thank you for your good and high quality items as per specifications, customer care, support and trustworthy. I commend others trade with you.

Good Seller

Nagakura Syoukai Co.Ltd.
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