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TCV Best Seller Award 2022

About TCV Award

The "TCV Best Seller Award" is an award that uniquely recognizes sellers who are endorsed by TCV buyers.
This time, the third time, we will award “Best Seller 2022”, which awards the most supported seller in 2022, and “Best First Year Seller”, which awards sellers who have just joined the company. In addition,Continuing from last year, we will award the exhibitors who have started initiatives to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their management.

Best Seller 2022

Yanagisawa HD Co., Ltd. (REAL MOTOR JAPAN) started exporting used cars around 2005, and has achieved monthly sales of over 1,000 units through solid investments such as opening its own yard.
We started exporting used cars around 2005, so it was around the same time that TCV (formerly Trade Car View) started its service!
User Review
Everything in the car turned out to be exactly what the seller promised. The car drives well and I'm really happy with it.
Real motor Japan is the best seller, I would recommend people to buy motor vehicle from this company.

Best Sustainable Seller

8Gear Co.,Ltd
8GEAR Co., Ltd. established a corporation in January 2016, and works with a local corporation in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to handle used cars using local yards.
We have a local subsidiary in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We operate a bus business locally and are working on SDGs through local employment.
User Review
I received my truck in good condition than my expectation. Thanks very much for your service. I appreciate it.
Thanks for doing business with you. Excellent services and honest in business, high quality car. Thanks

Best FirstYear Seller

Daimon Co., Ltd. started automobile export business as a new business.We aim to expand the market with a select few.
I have known about TCV for a long time and had the opportunity to actually use it as a seller. Since we decided to start the used car export business, we couldn't let go of the TCV platform, which has high expectations for attracting customers.
User Review
Impressed with the service, customer care both abroad and local was impeccable, appreciated that each message was promptly responded to. I will definitely order again with you, I like my new car thank you so much.

Good Seller 2022

Shimizu International Trading Co., Ltd.
Established in 2008, Shimizu International Trading Co., Ltd. focuses on exporting used cars through TCV seminars.
TCV has more offers than other companies, so we can connect with many customers. After all, it is important to reach many customers!
User Review
The transaction a success. The car is as advertised by the seller. very neat and beautiful looking forward to get another car from the seller. I recommend this seller to others because his cars are neat and in Excellent Condition
After the Lehman Shock, Nikkyo Co., Ltd. joined TCV with the aim of expanding new markets.
In the future, I would like to borrow the power of TCV to raise awareness and sell it. We are working on various things for local sales, but I think there are still many things we can do!
User Review
My experience at TCV was very good, I liked the guidance and the shipping was fast. I received my car in good shape and it was as described in the pictures. I therefore highly recommend TCV for the best buying experience.
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