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trade information page

Please check your country's import regulation
and other useful information.

Kanuni ya Import

Shipping Destination ports

Chittagong, Dhaka

Age restriction

No more than 4 years from manufactured year.

Road worthiness Inspection


Other restrictions

Used vehicle may only be imported from its country of origin.

If the transactions of your import have taken place via a bank then you may need a LCA (Letter of Credit Authorization).
In rare cases when it is not mandatory, it will be stated.

For determining date/age of the imported used car the date/age will be calculated from the first day of the next year of manufacture of chassis.
Plant and machinery may not be older than 12 years.

Import taxes rates


*This page contents are based on information acquired in July 2015.

Customer Voice in Bangladesh

Hakuna marekebisho kwa ajili ya nchi wewe kuchaguliwa kuwa kwa sasa
Hata hivyo, sisi kupokea maoni ya wateja wengi kutoka nchi mbalimbali, tafadhali kuwa na kuangalia.Kuona kitaalam zaidi